Vladas Mironas, priest (1880-1953)

Vladas MironasVladas Mironas (June 22, 1880 in Kuodiškės – February 18, 1953 in Vladimir) was a Lithuanian priest, politician and later Prime Minister of Lithuania.

In 1905, Mironas participated in the Great Vilnius Seimas and, in 1917, the Vilnius Conference. He was elected to the Council of Lithuania and became its second vice-chairman. Later he left politics and worked as a priest.

After the coup d’état in 1926, he was elected to the 3rd Seimas, and after couple of years again returned to priesthood. 1938 he was offered to become the Prime Minister of Lithuania representing Lithuanian Nationalists Union. In 1941 he was arrested and imprisoned, being freed a few days later by the Lithuanian Activist Front. Arrested again in 1945, he was forced to collaborate with NKVD and worked in Vilnius. As his collaboration with NKVD proved not to be satisfactory, Mironas was arrested yet again in 1947 and subsequently sent to Vladimir Prison, where he died in 1953.

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