Charitina of Lithuania († 1281)

eae7e36528fa7260646cc699b35c8a059eea9d96Charitina of Lithuania (died 1281) is a saint in the Eastern Orthodox Church. Her feast is on 5 October. Because her hagiography did not survive, very little is known about her life. Charitina was a noblewoman from the pagan Grand Duchy of Lithuania who became a nun in Novgorod. Possibly she was arranged to marry a Prince of Novgorod. In Novgorod she entered Monastery of Saints Peter and Paul. There she earned the reputation of piousness and became an abbess. In 2009, Lithuanian historian Algimantas Bučys raised hypothesis that she might be a daughter of Tautvilas, who escaped to Novgorod after her father’s murder.

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